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If you would like to get in contact with me to discuss photography services you can do that via my website AJTaylor Images or via Facebook

Photos uploaded to this site are for the sole purpose of serving customers and should not be used for any other purposes except expressly given by the respective client.

Accessing Pages

You will need a password to access your photo gallery page on this site.
There is no search options on this site, so if you don’t know your code you will need to get in contact with me to get one.

Simply enter your unique code into the login form. We only use lowercase numbers and letters. eg jp1203

Code doesn’t work

If your code doesn’t work it may be too new. If your photo was shot at a recent photo booth event you may have to wait 24 hours until the gallery page becomes available.

If your code has symbols in it like $^%#& then your code is probably wrong.

If your event is over a year old your photos may have expired you can reactivate expired galleries by submitting your login code here.

Downloading Photos

How to download individual photos

Select the photo from the gallery page
Open up the cart page and select the download quality you want.
The image will automatically download a Jpeg file.

High resolution is 16 -24 megapixels
Web safe is 1 megapixel, suitable for high-speed website performance

Good Vibration African Cookbook
Good Vibration African Cookbook

Other Online Galleries of AJ Taylor

If you are searching for stock images of Bendigo you can view free photos I have made available for download at Photos of Bendigo

I you are searching for news related photos I have taken for publication you can find them at the Bendigo Magazine

News photos from past community events in the greater region of Bendigo can be found on the Bendigo Photos timeline. The timeline goes all the way back to when Bendigo was first founded and features articles about how Bendigo got its name and photos from historical events that hold significant meaning to the local community members.

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We can’t wait to hear about your photography request, so please get in touch and we will happily share more information about our other services like commercial photography, stock photography, aerial photography, family photography.